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        Evaporative Cooling System

        Garment and textile factory case

        Garment and textile factory case

        Application  issues:

        1. Textile and chemical fiber workshops are always in high temperature, lack of oxygen, high heat generated by equipment, and dry heat in environment, which affects the textile production process.

        2, clothing, shoes and hats factory personnel intensive equipment high heat, resulting in the workshop building temperature peculiar smell;

        3. In the high temperature environment, the normal temperature of the workshop is above 30"C, and the temperature is above 40C in summer. Workers are easy to sweat and dehydrate, which will cause heat stroke and affect product quality and labor safety.

        3. According to the research data, under the high temperature environment, people's reaction speed and computing ability will significantly decrease. In the environment with the temperature exceeding 35 degrees, people's various abilities are only normal
        70%, manifested as low mood and reduced work efficiency.


        1. According to the difference of climatic environment and relative temperature and humidity in different regions, Cybernoulli air conditioner is used to cool down by 5-15%C;

        2. Ciberli air conditioner provides 100% fresh air to cool down, exhaust heat and ventilate, improve work efficiency, increase oxygen content in the air of the workshop, and provide more comfortable and cool working environment for employees.

        3. Ciberli air conditioner improves the humidity in the air, meets the technological requirements of textile and garment production, reduces the defective products caused by air drying to improve product quality, and reduces the yarn breaking frequency caused by air drying.
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