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        Household and Commercial Portable Air Cooler
        Installation Guide

        Installation Guide

        ★The host is generally installed outdoors to avoid return air;

        ★If it needs to be installed indoors, please separate it from the indoor environment and ensure that there is enough fresh natural wind to be inhaled;
        ★The evaporative filter of the refrigeration component of the air conditioner is flammable, please keep away from the fire when installing and using;
        ★The water supply pipeline should ensure proper water pressure, generally within the range of 1.2-2.0kgf/cm2, and the water quality is clean;
        ★When the use space is relatively sealed, the exhaust system needs to be designed, and the exhaust air volume is 85% of the air supply volume;
        ★The power supply voltage is stable and controlled within 380±5V or 220±5V. An air switch must be installed;
        ★The air supply pipe should be as short as possible to reduce elbows and branch pipe distribution;
        ★The wind speed of the main pipeline is generally within the range of 8-13m/s;
        ★The wind speed of the air outlet should be within 3-5m/s;
        ★The supporting air conditioner and bracket should be firm and reliable, and there should be an overhaul platform for maintenance.
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