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        Remote Control Evaporative Air Coolers

        Market prospect analysis of China's air cooler industry

        Market prospect analysis of China's air cooler industry


        Market prospect analysis of China's air cooler industry

        China air cooler market is still facing challenges in the development process.

        In the case of insufficient market maturity, some users of air coolers pay too much attention to price, while ignoring other important factors, such as cooling efficiency, product durability, ease of installation and maintenance, etc. Market demand has led to a continuous influx of companies, fierce competition and uneven products. Many products still have the phenomenon of shoddy charging and small charging large ones, and they cannot meet the required standards in terms of performance coefficient, air volume, wind speed, quality, and safety. Unhealthy phenomena disrupted the market order of the chiller industry and undermined the healthy development of the industry. With the increase in raw material costs and labor costs, many manufacturers cut corners, cut corners, and lowered process standards in order to keep costs down, resulting in serious quality problems, uneven liquid distribution, and circuit design problems in some air cooler products. The energy efficiency is integrated. Far from reaching the level of its labeling and promotion.

        In recent years, this harsh competitive environment has gradually improved. On the one hand, the country has stricter control over food, medical safety, and energy resources. The backward production methods has been gradually eliminated, and the company has turned to a stable and long-term development model. On the other hand, because the market and user requirements are higher than before, users and market consumer psychology have become more and more mature, and they have shifted from focusing on price to focusing on product performance and quality first, paying more attention to energy conservation, environmental protection, and high quality.

        Generally speaking, the current Chinese air cooler market is an industry with relatively matching technology content and profit. Mid-to-high-end brands rely on technological advantages to seize the high-end market, and reach strategic cooperation with well-known supermarkets and cold chain logistics companies, both in terms of sales volume and profitability. Have a good performance. However, low-end enterprises are difficult to transform and upgrade, and are gradually falling into a bitter price war. However, thanks to the rapid development of the overall air cooler market, China air cooler manufacturers still achieved good market performance。

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