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        Evaporative Cooling System

        portable air cooler case

        portable air cooler case


        Siboly Portable Air Cooler Series, Brand new design , suitable for all kinds of indoor  applications.

        With swing fan , perigon remote control and large airflow, it helps you quickly cooler any place you want.

        Particularly,Siboly air cooler has high quality dust gauze and super thick cooling pad which are much ahead of the market.

        Air coolers consume up to 10times less than energy than conventional air conditioners, its high energy-efficient.

        Air coolers present significant environmental benefits with no harnful chlorofluorocarbons(cfc) emissions and very low power consumptiopn.

        Air coolers use fresh,clean air from outside. they also allow you to keep windows/doors open for better air circulation whereas ACs circulate stale air inside a sealed environment.

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