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        Remote Control Evaporative Air Coolers

        Ten reasons to choose Siboly air cooler!

        Ten reasons to choose Siboly air cooler!

        Ten reasons to choose Siboly air cooler!

        Technology and quality first, brand and service go hand in hand, professional team dedicated manufacturing, leading international quality.

        1. Original patented fan design, industry-leading ultra-low noise technology, reducing noise by 5-10 decibels year-on-year.

        2. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, beautiful and generous, and the evaporation area and air volume are reasonably matched to ensure the best cooling effect.

        3. Adopting Swedish patented technology, the high-efficiency evaporative filter screen ensures an efficient cooling effect, and the soaking efficiency reaches more than 92%.

        4. The first choice of 3090 high-efficiency evaporative filter, the effect of raising and cooling is more significant.

        5. The first luxury LCD touch screen controller, convenient, practical and beautiful.

        6. The high-quality fully enclosed aluminum housing motor is beautiful and durable, with good heat dissipation, high energy efficiency, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and high-grade waterproof protection.

        7. Original open water distribution system, uniform water flow, no clogging, ensuring high-efficiency water supply.

        8. Original intelligent control system, regular cleaning, water shortage, phase loss, overload protection, one-key ventilation function, fast and practical.

        9. The first research and development of intelligent group control system, constant temperature and humidity system, to solve the precise control needs of temperature and humidity in special places.

        10. Abundant products and a variety of air volume designs to meet the needs of different places to the greatest extent.

        Maximum honesty is the best way to do things, and all effective cooperation is based on honesty. Siboly people will make friends all over the world with "sincerity" and "harmony" and create brilliance together.

        The company will, as always, adhere to the business philosophy of humanity, courtesy, loyalty, hard work, and innovation, and lay a good brand strategy to serve customers.

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